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Smart way to get ideal second home by the sea or in the mountains...

For affordable price, you can buy ownership interest in real property by the sea or in the Alps for example. We will take care of the rest and you can just enjoy your perfect second home with your family or friends.

The best choice

The ideal value for money. Affordable luxury and no worries...

BenefitsPurchase with TusecaPurchase a time-share stakeRent a holiday homePurchase 100% stake holiday property
Purchasing a luxury property at a fraction of the price
Hassle-free property acquisition and management
Guaranteed top condition of the property every time you visit
Potential return on investment
Potential rental income

How co-ownership works

Each property is owned by a separate special-purpose vehicle (usually a GmbH established in Austria – SPV), each co-owner acquires ⅛ share (or possibly more) in such vehicle, through which he/she ultimately co-owns the property. The set-up of the SPV operation is specifically tailored to be at the level of the ownership registered at the Land Registry in terms of property protection. In addition, the SPV model will make it easier and cheaper to transfer the final co-ownership of the property in the future.

You can enjoy your house all year round

Best-practice and fair rules for the use of the property are set up so that each owner gets the opportunity to spend ample time in the property during the high summer or winter season while there is a fair rotation of holiday stays among the owners. Ultimately, all co-owners can comfortably use the property together with their family or friends to the maximum extent possible and as they see fit. All the properties offered are adapted for year-round use (swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, spa, etc.).

Full Service

All our services are set up so that you can truly enjoy your ownership without undue stress. Our services start when you purchase the property from the original owner. We always carry out a thorough technical inspection and a legal check of the property before purchase. Comfortable property furnishings and amenities, together with property management and maintenance, ensure your maximum comfort and promote sustainable property value growth. With our concierge services, you can make the most of every visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Affordable and efficient ownership of luxury vacation properties
Thanks to Tuseca, you only need 1/8th of the value of the property to make your dream come true and own your dream luxury vacation property. You simply become a co-owner and use the property for a minimum of 6 weeks a year tailored to your needs.
6 weeks a year is the ideal length of stay in our clients' experience. Given the well-tested and well-set rules, co-ownership is designed to best suit the needs of all co-owners.
All properties offered are fully furnished with fine furniture and equipped with appliances thanks to the cooperation with our architects. In addition, most of the properties have a swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi that can be used all year round.

Trouble-free use and concierge services
All properties are also purchased by our clients with facility service and concierge assistance provided by Tuseca. This way, they do not have to worry about house maintenance, cleaning, gardening or pool maintenance. The cost is affordable for all owners as it is shared among up to 8 co-owners.
A concierge assistant or web/mobile app will provide you with maximum comfort during your stay. From booking restaurants, ordering breakfasts and food or meals for your family barbecue to buying tickets for sports or cultural events.

Best investment
Our clients primarily purchase properties from us to secure the perfect place for them to relax and spend time with their families. The initial investment through co-ownership is much lower than purchasing the entire property and therefore highly cost-effective given the usual time demands of using a holiday property. Even if you purchase a share in, for example, three properties from our listing portfolio in various countries, you will still save money and get three luxury properties for your holidays.
By purchasing high-quality and well-examined properties followed by top-class management by Tuseca, they achieve continuous value growth in the so-called "second home" property market.

All properties in our property listings are always owned by a newly established company, usually based in Austria. Our clients then purchase a 1/8th or greater share in such a company.The company and its management are set up in such a way that it is almost worry-free for the owners. All important company transactions or ownership transfers can be done through a notary, which provides a similar ownership security level as the land registry. This co-ownership arrangement through a company is important for the correct rules among the co-owners in each and every property sold and the future easy and inexpensive sale of your property share if you decide to sell the share. The process of purchasing a property is similar to a standard purchase. In cooperation with our clients' real estate agent, we will prepare a draft share transfer agreement, and it will be signed through a notary office. Subsequently, the purchase price must be deposited in a notary or bank escrow. This is followed by the registration of the share ownership in the relevant register and the settlement of the purchase price.
Just like when our clients purchase their shares through real estate agents, our vast network of partner real estate agents will help them sell their shares. Often the buyer is from another European country. The sale of a share is standardised and again takes place through a notary office, at the cost of no more than the normal property sale cost.
Tuseca provides full service and property management to property owners so that owners do not have to devote unnecessary time to managing the property. This includes cleaning, routine maintenance of the house, garden, pool or hot tub and all administrative tasks relating to, for example, energy supply or communication with the government. A personal assistant is at your disposal at any time during your stay. He/she is responsible for ensuring a relaxed stay for the owners with the maximum comfort possible. Whether you are craving dinner at your favourite local restaurant or an exotic massage, the assistant will arrange everything so that you can devote your time fully to yourself, family or friends...
You can book your stay via the Tuseca app, which will divide your time between you and the other co-owners based on your ownership shares in the property. In general, one share is equivalent to 44 days in the property; you can choose long or short stays. Long stays can be booked 8 days to 24 months in advance, while short stays can be booked as early as 2 to 7 days before your arrival. The system guarantees a two-week stay in the main summer or winter seasons and a progressive rotation of all co-owners during the main holidays. Bookings are dynamic and transparent.

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