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Frequently Asked Questions


With our booking system, yes, you can plan spontaneously. Sometimes you just need to relax, which is why our app works in real time. Just look at the available dates and book at least 2 days before your arrival. 
Each share (1/8) allows access to a total of 44 nights, which are divided between the different seasons: - High season, which has 56 nights, i.e. a minimum of 7 guaranteed nights per co-owner. The specific season is specifically set for each property, depending on its location. Some properties may have two main seasons; Middle Season, which has 64 nights and is divided into two parts (32 nights before and 32 nights after the Main Season); The specific season period is specifically set for each property; Off-season period usually has 232 nights, i.e. 29 nights per co-owner. The off-season period is individual for each property based on the Main and Mid Season settings. The more shares a co-owner purchases, the more the total number of nights increases (2 shares = 88 nights, 3 shares = 132 nights, 4 shares = 176 nights). The total number of nights is 352. The remaining number of days per year are for property maintenance and seasonal cleaning/repair in the absence of the co-owners.
Owners can hold one special date(=Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc..) staying at ⅛ share per year.
The special stay includes holidays and individually selected special dates (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.). Co-owners may use one Special Stay date (two-night stay, with the start of the stay on the Special Stay date) per ⅛ share per year. The Special Stay is selected exclusively for the upcoming calendar year. A rotating booking model, ensures that Special Stays are rotated so that everyone can regularly take advantage of the most desirable dates (holidays) of the year.
Owners of a ⅛ share are entitled to six Main Stays, including a special date, and can enjoy unlimited short stays throughout the year. Each owner is guaranteed one special date per ⅛ share. If you are unable to book your preferred special date in a given year, our 24 month stay calendar will allow you to book a stay on your preferred date the following year.
Each co-owner can book from a minimum stay of 2 nights up to a maximum stay of 14 nights.
Thanks to our reservation system, no, it's not. The system is as clear as possible and works in real time. This means that when you search for your appointment you can see in real time whether your appointment is booked or not. So you will not get a situation where you receive a message after booking your appointment: This date is no longer available. If you can see in the app that the date is available, then it is indeed available and you can make a reservation according to your preferences.
The cancellation rule is simple: - If you cancel your stay more than 30 days before the arrival date, no nights will be deducted - If you cancel your stay less than 30 days before the arrival date and no co-owner takes over your dates, your stay may be deducted from the balance of nights even if you do not use the house.
These times vary from property to property depending on the length of time the cleaning teams intervene between two stays. The standard arrival time is 15:00 and departure time is 11:30.