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Frequently Asked Questions

How to work with us

We bring our partners a new business from the sale of shares in luxury real estate, which, thanks to an affordable price and full service, many of their existing or new clients will want to acquire. Partner real estate agencies will receive up to 6% of the value of each share they sell, immediately after the sale (up to 1/8 of the shares can be sold in one property). We are preparing a bonus program for our partners, which will let them participate in our rapid growth.
We will provide you with maximum sales support through materials for online, printed materials, product workshops, etc. Each property will soon have a perfect video presentation, including a presentation of the location and other information. Tuseca will provide inspections and close and settle the transaction (comparable to a classic real estate transaction).
Yes. Tuseca works with real estate agents and pays a standard commission.
There are different commission schemes in each region.
You will receive your payout upon completion of the sale of your share.
No, the commission will be paid soon after the sale of the share.
There are several advantages: The possibility to speed up the sale of the property and, in addition, to be able to continue to own part of the house if you are interested in it. You don't have to worry about managing the house anymore. You can reduce your monthly maintenance costs accordingly.
If we find sufficient interest in your property on the market from our network of buyers, Tuseca will make an offer to purchase your property.
The paperwork and process are similar to selling a whole house. However, you get an easy commission because Tuseca handles everything, including inspections, inspections and escrow - and we keep you informed all along the way.