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Frequently Asked Questions

Estimate costs

The monthly management fee for Tuseca is 99 €/month. This fee covers the costs of managing the GmbH: the organisation of the annual general meeting, accounting, management of certain administrative procedures, remuneration of staff necessary for operational management and support, as well as technology developed to optimise the customer experience.
Monthly fees correspond to the operating costs of the property and are invoiced at the purchase price in proportion to the number of your shares. They are understood to be: - Administration charges: property tax, council tax, household waste collection charge and household insurance. - Operating charges: water, gas, electricity, heating and internet bills and, where applicable, garden and pool maintenance. - Maintenance package: minor maintenance work, replacement of furniture and fixtures and fittings - Work package: renovation of the façade, roof repairs, etc.
No! There are no unpleasant surprises with Tuseca, we don't change the rules on the fly. The management fees we charge are a fair reflection of the work it takes Tuseca's teams to manage each residence. Nothing more nothing less.