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Apartment Apartina Zadar, Croatia
90,000 | 1/8 ownership119 m2 I 3 rooms I 2 bedrooms I 2 bathrooms

About property


  • Infinity pool
  • Private beach
  • Spa
  • Sea views
  • Audio system
  • Apple TV
  • Fully equipped interior
  • Wine cellar
  • Parking
  • Terrace
  • Grill
  • Pool
  • CCTV
  • Air conditioner
  • Wifi
  • Electric car charger


Zadar, Croatia

The apartment is located close to Zadar and a 22-minute drive from Zadar Airport in one of the most attractive locations of northern Dalmatia.


Zadar, with up to 200 sunny days a year, is one of the sunniest in all of Croatia. Spring 17° Summer 28° Autumn 20° Winter 11°


In the three-thousand-year-old historic centre, you can discover many monuments influenced by antiquity and the Renaissance. For a more comprehensive image of the history, visit the National Museum, which is open all year round, while the vibrant culture can be enjoyed during the summer season when the famous theatre, dance and music festival takes place.


Enjoy the sun and relax all year round! All our properties in Croatia have a wellness space, and the sun shines up to 300 days a year. This makes it an ideal place for a variety of activities even off-season, from relaxing, walking in the nearby Paklenica National Park or Velebit Mountains to year-round cycling.

We care. You are enjoying yourself.

Planning your stay from start to finishIf you want, our “Stay designers” coordinate your arrival, departure and everything in between.
Continuously inspection and verification in dozens pointsIf you want, our “Stay designers” coordinate your arrival, departure and everything in between.
Support during staysPremium support and assistance with any questions on request from our concierge service.

Let yourself be pampered

Before you arrive at your house, the designer of the stay or concierge can provide any of these additional services.

House maintenance
Facility management
Transport from and to the airport
Car rental
Chef service
Fresh food

The ideal form of ownership

We have created a safe and functional model with clear rules, in which you can get a 1/8 share (maximum 1/2) of selected real estate at an affordable price, which you can then use as a co-owner according to your needs at least 6 weeks a year. You can easily sell your share at any time. You don't have to own the whole house to spend a few weeks a year in it.

The purchase price includes everythingCo-ownership
90,00044 days of stay per year
  • the price of the property
  • above-standard house equipment
  • technical and legal due diligence
  • legal and notary costs
  • company costs
  • taxes
  • commission

Favorable shared costs

Monthly operating costs

Stand-by energy, regular cleaning and maintenance, basic services (internet, streaming services, alarm, etc.)

Other monthly costs

Insurance, ownership management, facility management by Tuseca

Total monthly costs
For 1/8 ownership
44-day stay per year

Favorable shared costs

The costs of maintenance and property management, as well as energy, are a very crucial aspect in owning a recreational property. In the Tuseca model, these costs are fairly distributed among the 8 co-owners, and therefore the cost of owning such a property is much lower than usual for each owner. Consumption and energy during the stay is, according to online measurements, accurately charged to each of the co-owners who are currently using the property.

Financial returns

Expected annual growth in the share value
+ 0%

The estimated annualized growth of the share value over time. The estimate is based on historical data and forecasts.

Expected rental income and savings compared to renting a similar property

The estimated per share rental income generated by this property and/or savings compared to renting a similar property.

Expected annual return
0 %

The estimated annual return generated on your investment, including share value growth and rental income/savings.

Sources: National statistics agencies, Central banks and other credible statistical sources.

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