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You're safe. Tuseca will take care of these costs, so you are covered and can enjoy your dream second home without worry.
Each region has a dedicated Property Manager, who assists owners with scheduling, housekeeping, special requests and other issues related to stays and properties.
The properties are inspected after each visit. Any damage beyond normal wear and tear is charged to the owner who was using the house at the time. Damage caused by normal wear and tear = broken dishwasher, washing machine, burst light bulb etc. Damage over and above = broken window, tiles, etc. Owners are not directly responsible for the failure of items and things that have a limited life and need repair or replacement over time. These replacements are paid for from the reserve fund of the company owning the property.
Yes, they can. Tuseca can be removed as a service working for that LLC. The owners themselves, with the knowledge of the building manager, must act and vote on it. 
Maintenance is handled by Tuseca, including tree trimming, gutter cleaning and pool maintenance, through local companies and their professionals.
Tuseca carries out all the necessary maintenance to keep the house and its equipment in good condition. The costs are transparent and payment is made in advance.
Tuseca is responsible for the security of your home. You can rest assured: the house is equipped with an alarm system and Tuseca has a contract with a security company.
Yes, the house is insured
We work with interior designers so that the decoration is as harmonious as possible with the property, in compliance with the local urban plan, and appeals to as many people as possible. Also, by choosing Prello, the entire aesthetic aspect is entrusted to us, so you do not have the possibility of choosing the furniture and decoration. On the other hand, you have the possibility of making specific requests which will be the subject of a vote of the co-owners.
Yes, of course, each co-buyer has a secure personal locker (the size of the storage varies depending on the property). Some houses also have a shared storage space for large objects (bicycle, sports equipment, stroller, etc.)
First of all, it is important to know that, in the case of foreclosure, seizure of the partnership interests of a civil society, which is more difficult to accomplish than foreclosure of property, is not the method generally preferred in the chronological order of methods used to recover debts. Therefore, a creditor will, for example, be interested in seizing other assets of its debtor (bank accounts, etc.) first. In the event that the proceedings lead to the seizure of the company's shares, the debtor has the option to sell his shares amicably after the bailiff has seized them. If the debtor does not make use of this option, the bailiff will carry out a forced sale of the share. Unlike an execution, this is not a court proceeding. An auction of the share is then organised. The other shareholders are not affected.
You are free to do what you want in your house, as long as it does not disturb the neighborhood.
In order to always better meet the expectations of the co-owners, TUSECA is led to develop both the Shareholders' Pact and its management service. These modifications may be subject to approval by the general meeting of the co-owners.
You and your guests can bring (non-dangerous) pets. You are responsible for any damages they may cause.
No, smoking is not allowed inside the property.