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The customer buys a share in the company ranging from ⅛ to ½ of the property. However, to ensure maximum comfort for the owners, the entire property is owned by one owner, which is a company formed in Austria GmbH & Co. KG. That is, the client buys a share in the company that owns the property.
Tuseca is not a time-share, our system collects information and is personalized to the specific owner. At the same time, it displays available dates of stays in real time. Timeshares generally operate on fixed stay weeks or other scheduling constraints. At the same time, there is often a priority order (giving priority to other co-owners) and other practices that disadvantage other owners. 
Each property owner pays monthly fees. The amount of the monthly fees varies depending on the property. The price of the monthly fees is also determined by the size of the share owned, i.e. the larger the share owned, the larger the monthly fees. Monthly fees include: property tax, cleaning fee, property management, maintenance, Tuseca management fee, insurance, repair fund, service charge.
This is a real estate transaction in the commonly used form called a "share deal". This means that it is not the real estate itself that is being transferred (the share in the real estate), but the share in the company that owns the real estate.
Yes, you can buy more than one share in a property. The number of nights per year is then based on this.
Tuseca cooperates with professional interior designers and quality suppliers. Each home is carefully equipped with everything needed to cook, relax, or otherwise spend time in the property to the owners' maximum satisfaction.
Yes, there is a correlation between the price of the house and the price of the units, each unit representing a fraction of the house.
Of course, acquiring a Tuseca second home can be done with loved ones, family or friends!
Yes, you can buy one (or more) share(s) in joint ownership as a couple or with relatives
There is no formal meeting scheduled between the co-owners in the purchase process. It is, however, entirely possible.
When you book a stay in your Tuseca residence, you benefit from this property alone . Your co-owners will benefit from the property during the stays they have reserved. In other words, you will never stay in your property at the same time as other co-owners . On the other hand, you can of course invite relatives when you stay in your second home.
When you buy a share through Tuseca, you are also buying the furnishings that make up the house. When you buy one share, you own 1/8 of the value of the furniture and furnishings of the house.
No, if you buy one of the 8 available shares and the remaining shares have not yet found a buyer, you can start using the property without having to wait for the other shares to be sold.
Several Dozens of checkpoints are validated when Tuseca acquires a property . Any necessary work is systematically budgeted and carried out before delivery of the goods to our customers. An external expertise, covered by insurance, is also carried out to validate the structural quality of the property and identify any points of vigilance for the coming years.
The house is fully furnished and decorated by our interior designers, and equipped with everything you need on a daily basis: crockery, sheets, towels, bath products...