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Get luxury villa or apartment for an affordable price and enjoy without worry

Exclusive properties

Premium fully furnished properties with year-round use in sought-after locations throughout Europe. We are the gateway to an affordable second home of a high standard for all our clients.

Efficient investment

Acquire and enjoy a luxury property for ⅛ of its value. Premium properties with our top-notch management ensure a continuous increase in value over time.

Carefree use

Based on your preferences, you use the property for more than six weeks a year. Leave the luxury furnishings, maintenance and other worries to be handled by your personal concierge to us.

Find your second home

Amazing second home

With us, you can buy a magnificent second home for 1/8 of its price. The best European locations in the Mediterranean, Austria, Italy and Croatia. Luxurious, stylish equipment for year-round use, maximum relaxation, but no worries, thanks to our great service. A limited number of co-owners.


The ideal form of ownership

We have created a safe and functional model with clear rules, in which you can get a 1/8 share (maximum 1/2) of selected real estate at an affordable price, which you can then use as a co-owner according to your needs for at least 6 weeks a year. You can easily sell your share at any time. You don't have to own the whole house to spend a few weeks a year in it.

More information

Get more information about our current offer and our services.